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MITRE: Disrupting Advanced Persistent Threats

Dr. Stanley Barr Capability Area Leader for Cyber Denial, Deception, and Adversary Engagement at MITRE
Gabby Raymond Co-Capability Area Lead for Cyber Denial, Deception and Adversary Engagement at MITRE
Bryan Quinn Cybersecurity Engineer at MITRE

MITRE Engage: Cyber Denial, Deception, and Adversary Engagement (AE)

For 10+ years MITRE has engaged in denial, deception, and AE operations for internal defense and research purposes. In August of this year, MITRE released MITRE Engage, a framework for planning and discussing AE operations, which is informed by adversary behavior observed in the real world.

Engage was created to help the private sector, government, and vendor communities to plan and execute the use of AE strategies and technologies. These strategies and technologies offer significant opportunities for the defender.

Join us as we discuss the past decade of AE operations, examine the state of the art in AE technologies, and think about where the industry and technologies are going.

About the Speakers

Stanley BarrDr. Stanley Barr is a three-time graduate of University of Massachusetts Lowell. He has a BS in Information Sciences, an MS in Mathematics, and a PhD in Computer Science. He has coauthored papers in malware analysis, barrier coverage problems, expert systems for network security, and robotic manufacturing. He has spoken at MILCOM and been a panelist for several conferences. Additionally, he has appeared on several podcasts on adversary engagement and presented at TEDx. Currently, he is a Principal Scientist at The MITRE Corporation. He currently is the Capability Area Leader for Cyber Denial, Deception, and Adversary Engagement. Stan lives with his wife, 5 rescue dogs, and 15 chickens.

Gabby RaymondGabby Raymond is a two-time graduate from Tufts University. She holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science and a M.S. in Computer Science. Her research has spanned topics in intrusion detection, cyber-physical systems, and machine learning applications for security. Gabby recently co-authored a Choose Your Own Adventure style book called “The Toolbox of Innovation” with members of MITRE’s Innovation Toolkit team. Outside of work, Gabby enjoys knitting and judging science fairs. Gabby is the Co-Capability Area Lead for Cyber Deception and Adversary Engagement at The MITRE Corporation.

Bryan QuinnBryan Quinn is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and a master’s degree in Computing Security. He is currently a Cybersecurity Engineer at the MITRE Corporation where he’s worked on projects at the forefront of adversary engagement, autonomous cyber defense, real-time analytics, and distributed machine learning. He is a founding member of The MITRE Engage team and has been working with the team to present the field of cyber deception to the world. While not at work, you can often find Bryan hiking in the mountains with his dog, playing volleyball, or skimboarding at the beach.

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