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US Eye-Care Providers Report Data Breaches

Infosecurity Magazine, Sarah Coble
“Information impacted by the incident may have included names, medical histories, treatment or diagnosis information, and health insurance information.” Read More

CISA, FBI, NSA Warn of Increase in Conti Ransomware Attacks

Dark Reading
“CISA and FBI have observed Conti actors using Router Scan, a penetration testing tool, to maliciously scan for and brute force routers, cameras, and network-attached storage devices with web interfaces.” Read More

US sanctions cryptocurrency exchange used by ransomware gangs

Bleeping Computer, Sergiu Gatlan
“This move is designed to disrupt the main channel used by ransomware operations to collect ransom payments from their victims, which…amounted to over $400 million last year, more than four times when compared to 2019.” Read More

New Cooperative’s Ransomware Attack Underscores Threat to Food & Agriculture

Dark Reading, Kelly Sheridan
“When we couple the complexity of the food and agriculture industry with the real-world impact these organizations have on the public on a daily basis, it makes them a valuable potential target for cyberattacks, and more specifically ransomware.” Read More

TTEC hit with ransomware attack, hampering work for major clients

ZD Net, Jonathan Greig
“Ransomware groups typically target organizations with large customer bases that rely on services or a product, knowing it hinders business and creates a trickle-down impact on all customers….” Read More

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