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Cyber Second Only to Climate Change as Biggest Global Risk

Infosecurity Magazine, Phil Muncaster
“The percentage of experts ranking it among their top five risks increased significantly from 51% last year to 61% in 2021, with only a quarter (26%) believing that governments are prepared for cybersecurity risks — a figure unchanged since 2019.” Read More

Trucking giant Forward Air reports ransomware data breach

Bleeping Computer, Lawrence Abrams
“An SEC filing by Forward Air states that the company lost $7.5 million of less than load (LTL) freight revenue ‘primarily because of the Company’s need to temporarily suspend its electronic data interfaces with its customers.” Read More

CISA: Wide Exploitation of New VMware vCenter Server Flaw Likely

Dark Reading, Jai Vijayan
“Nearly every business operates virtual machines and if I have root access, I could ransom every machine in that environment or steal the data on those virtual machines with relative ease.” Read More

UCSD Health sued by breach victims after undetected email hack

SC Magazine, Jessica Davis
“…victims claim the incident was caused by employees responding to malicious emails. In doing so, the attackers gained access to the network and proliferated, undetected across connected devices for months ‘as the organization had inadequate security controls in place to monitor for unusual and irregular activity.'” Read More

Complex New SMS Malware Discovered

Infosecurity Magazine, Sarah Coble
“The malware has been given the moniker TangleBot because of its many levels of obfuscation and control over a myriad of entangled device functions, including contacts, SMS and phone capabilities, call logs, internet access, and camera and microphone.” Read More

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