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Senators add CISA cyberattack/ransomware reporting amendment to defense bill

ZD Net, Jonathan Greig
“The amendment would update current federal government cybersecurity laws to improve coordination between federal agencies, force the government to take a risk-based approach to security, as well as require all civilian agencies to report all cyber-attacks to CISA, and major cyber incidents to Congress.” Read More

Mobile banking boom presents new risk, security concerns

SC Magazine, Karen Hoffman
“This is a massive target opportunity, to make scams so appealing to fraudsters. No longer are you looking for unauthorized access from an unusual device and location. Now you have to spot the anomaly within a legitimate user transaction that the victims themselves are orchestrating.” Read More

A stalker’s wishlist: PhoneSpy malware destroys Android privacy

ZD Net, Charlie Osborne
“Even though thousands of South Korean victims have fallen prey to the spyware campaign, it is unclear whether they have any connections with each other. But with the ability to download contact lists and send SMS messages on behalf of the victim, there is a high chance that the malicious actors are targeting connections of current victims with phishing links.” Read More

Robinhood discloses data breach impacting 7 million customers

Bleeping Computer, Lawrence Abrams
“At this time, we understand that the unauthorized party obtained a list of email addresses for approximately five million people, and full names for a different group of approximately two million people.” Read More

Mobile phishing exposure in the energy industry surged 161% in 2021

Helpnet Security
“As the energy industry modernizes and relies more heavily on mobile devices and cloud solutions, these insights into mobile phishing and app threats can help organizations strengthen their security program.” Read More

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