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Manufacturing’s Cloud Migration Opens Door to Major Cyber-Risk

“The lift and shift of applications that were never meant to be internet-facing to become internet-enabled has likely resulted in this high risk.” Read More

CNA Financial suffers extensive network disruption following cyber attack

IT Pro, Rene Millman
“CNA’s network may be out of commission for a while, with the attack mainly impacting the underwriting and claims side of its business.” Read More

Ransomware gang demands $50 million from computer maker Acer

The Record, Catalin Cimpanu
“Here the ransom demand was clearly visible, a whopping $50 million payment request, which represents the highest ransom demand ever requested by a ransomware group.” Read More

Microsoft Exchange Server attacks: ‘They’re being hacked faster than we can count’, says security company

ZDNet, Danny Palmer
“There are a ton of things [Microsoft Exchange customers] can do manually to prevent a full disaster. I just encourage them to do them immediately. Globally, this is a disaster in the making.” Read More

3 in 4 companies have experienced account takeover attacks in the last year

Help Net Security
“We’re regularly seeing identity-based attacks being used to circumnavigate traditional perimeter defences like multi-factor authentication (MFA). Account takeover is replacing phishing as the most common attack vector and MFA defenses are speed bumps not forcefields.” Read More

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