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Hackers Stole a Ton of EA Data—Including Valuable Source Code

Wired, Cecilia D’Anastasio
“…video game source code is a big-money commodity, especially for cheat-makers. Popular cheats are often designed by injecting bits of the original game source code into another piece of software. ‘When they have access to the source code, they could easily see what makes the game function and how they could adapt their cheats to the game.’” Read More

This unreported trojan managed to steal 1.2 TB of personal data

TechRadar, Anthony Spadafora
“The malware also stole over 6.6m files stored on the desktops and Downloads folders of victims including text files, image files and other documents.” Read More

RockYou2021: largest password compilation of all time leaked online with 8.4 billion entries

CyberNews, Edvardas Mikalauskas
“Considering the fact that only about 4.7 billion people are online, numbers-wise the RockYou2021 compilation potentially includes the passwords of the entire global online population almost two times over.” Read More

Ransomware Struck Another Pipeline Firm—and 70GB of Data Leaked

Wired, Andy Greenberg
“The data…includes 73,500 emails, accounting files, contracts, and other business documents, around 19 GB of software code and data, and 10 GB of human resources files that includes scans of employee driver’s licenses and Social Security cards.” Read More

US to Treat Ransomware Like Terrorism

Infosecurity Magazine, Sarah Coble
“We really want to make sure prosecutors and criminal investigators report and are tracking … cryptocurrency exchanges, illicit online forums or marketplaces where people are selling hacking tools, network access credentials – going after the botnets that serve multiple purposes.” Read More

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