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New phishing campaign lures victims with compromised SharePoint website

IT Pro, Rene Millman
“The lure email pretends to be a “file share” request to access some so-called ‘Staff Reports,’ ‘Bonuses,’ ‘Pricebooks,’ and other content hosted in a supposed Excel spreadsheet.” Read More

Average Cost to Buy Access to a Compromised Company: $1,000

Dark Reading, Robert Lemos
“We think it means that the initial access brokers, the most successful ones, they found more ready buyers and so they are trading in private conversations, which is harder to be tracked by researchers.” Read More

Chinese Hackers Compromised Telecom Companies, Researchers Say

Bloomberg, Ryan Gallagher
“”…the hackers had obtained ‘the holy grail of espionage,’ by gaining total control of the telecommunication networks they penetrated.” Read More

This Android malware steals your data in the most devious way

BGR, Andy Meek
“For the first time…we are seeing an Android banking Trojan that has screen recording and keylogging as (the) main strategy to harvest login credentials in an automated and scalable way.” Read More

Chipotle email marketing hacked to send phishing emails

TechRadar, Anthony Spadafora
“Many of the emails sent out from the hacked Mailgun account led users to a fake Microsoft login page with the aim of harvesting their credentials.” Read More

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