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Hackers Release Data Trove From Belarus in Bid to Overthrow Lukashenko Regime

Bloomberg, Ryan Gallagher
“They hacked most of the main police database, and they downloaded all information, including information from the security service wiretapping department, the most secret department of our police.” Read More

A new NSO zero-click attack evades Apple’s iPhone security protections, says Citizen Lab

Tech Crunch, Zack Whittaker
“But the hacks also circumvent a new software security feature built into all versions of iOS 14, dubbed BlastDoor, which is supposed to prevent these kinds of device hacks by filtering malicious data sent over iMessage.” Read More

FBI Issues Advisory on ‘OnePercent’ Ransomware Group

Dark Reading, Jai Vijayan
“A continued failure to respond or to make the ransom payment within the stipulated time frame results in the attacker releasing a portion of the stolen data — a ‘one percent leak’ — as proof of intent and capability.” Read More

38M Records Exposed via Microsoft Power Apps Misconfiguration

Dark Reading
“If the correct configurations are not set and the OData feed is enabled, then list data can be freely accessed by anonymous users.” Read More

AT&T denies data breach after hacker auctions 70 million user database

Bleeping Computer, Lawrence Abrams
“The threat actor…began selling this database yesterday on a hacking forum with a starting price of $200,000 and incremental offers of $30,000. The hacker states that they are willing to sell it immediately for $1 million.” Read More

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