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US Government Unlikely to Ban Ransomware Payments

Dark Reading, Robert Lemos
“[I]f you ban ransom payments, now you are putting US companies in a position of another extortion, which is being blackmailed for paying the ransom and not sharing that [information] with authorities. It is a really complicated conversation…” Read More

Average organization targeted by over 700 social engineering attacks each year: report

ZDNet, Jonathan Greig
“Targeting lower level employees offers [attackers] a way to get in the door and then work their way up to higher value targets. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have protection and training for all employees, not just focus on the ones you think are the most likely to be attacked.” Read More

UC San Diego Health discloses data breach after phishing attack

Bleeping Computer, Sergiu Gatlan
“The attackers may have accessed or acquired the personal information of patients, employees, and students between December 2, 2020, and April 8, 2021, after breaching the email accounts in a phishing attack.” Read More

Cloud mishaps will worsen in the year ahead, say majority of security pros

SC Magazine, Steve Zurier
“The cloud adds much more resiliency to organizations’ infrastructure, but the drawback is the loss of visibility and control. From a detection standpoint, there’s no view into what happens inside a data center.” Read More

Officials who are US allies among targets of NSO malware, says WhatsApp chief

The Guardian, Stephanie Kirchgaessner
“This should be a wake up call for security on the internet … mobile phones are either safe for everyone or they are not safe for everyone.” Read More

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